Why I left Facebook

Recently I got ‘off’ facebook. The quote marks are to indicate what that actually means, which is to say I deactivated facebook. For all intensive purposes it means I’m no longer visible to any other…

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A good friend of mine recently launched a kickstarter to help finance a low budget film. It looks hilarious so I thought I’d repost the kickstarter here. If you like comedy, standup, films and hilarity…

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Picking Trends for Startup Success

This post was originally published at http://blog.thefailcon.com/post/61025824228/trend-is-your-friend-picking-trends-to-avoid-failure Trend is your Friend   Stock traders have been saying it for years, and while I don’t really see eye to eye with their application of this rule, the…

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Winter Olympics

Exploring paths in Ilustrator using basic curves drawn with the pencil to re-interpret the winter olympics  

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How the Internet will change Personal Finance

This post was originally published at http://thenextweb.com/insider/2012/09/09/how-internet-will-change-personal-finance/ I started my adult life studying accounting and finance in Perth, Australia, dropping out to start my first tech company in 1999, raising millions in venture capital before…

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From guns to funds

This post was first published as a guest post for Startup Weekend http://perth.startupweekend.org/2012/08/28/from-guns-to-funds/ but was originally taken from a talk given at Bay Tech Startups in Finance, a meetup event I organise in San Francisco…

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Startup? Marketing matters

First let me say.. Traction, product, users, and all the numbers that represent this going from bottom left to top right are most important.. I’m not going to suggest they’re not. I’m a product guy,…

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Amazing People

On the weekend just gone I was fortunate enough to have one of the most valuable single meetings since moving to the US to progress my new startup. In a nutshell I was able to…

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Why twitter is DOS … and facebook is apple?

No longer content with being the plaything of the famous and those that would follow them I believe twitter has worked out their true calling which is to be come the internet’s social fabric. They are to end up becoming to social what google is to search. 

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Always Learning

It was attended by some Silicon Valley royalty as well a handful of venture capitalist, always inspiring but I was determined to leave with more than just inspiration, but tangible learnings for mifii in mortgage education. This was going to be a challenge, hard to pitch to a room full of people pitching.

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Thinking forward

Isn’t funny how so of the most mundane decisions make for the biggest impact and conversely the ones we fret about the most can be virtually unimportant.

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